Nhl players dating actresses

Carrie Underwood is a country superstar and it’s a huge part of the appeal she holds.What kind of man doesn’t like himself a career oriented famous smoke show?Normally when we put together a list of the top athletes, or the top plays or whatever it may be, we rank them from worst to first.

She used to be hot and heavy with NFL quarterback Matt Leinart and now she’s onto Los Angeles Clippers star Blake Griffin.They decided to meet up and realized their attraction was more than just physical.Let’s face it though, most of our attraction to Iggy is physical and that is because we will never play for the Lakers and have a shot at getting to know her. She’s a bombshell and he’s a baller, makes perfect sense to put Iggy on this list, doesn’t it?That’s what happens when your mom is a former model.She’s fit, she’s got a gorgeous face, and she obviously knows it.

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