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The thing is, I want to get the new sports games and play online.

Obviously i will purchase the new PES and FIFA, but can I take this modded console online?

but a lizard or TX USB pro V2 is gunna be more user friendly for you. Question for ozmodchips....i want to get the key from all different types of 360 dvd drive, what would be the best tool (s) for the job ?

i know i can just use the xkey gecko for the drive in my slim but if i manage to install an xkey in my xbox easily enough, i have mates that would want me to do theirs, and i'd rather have the right tool(s) for the job right from the word go The USB pro Probe 3 will read the key from almost all drivesnothing can read the key from Hitachis in slims, and the dg16d5s in slims....which is everything made over september 2011These consoles need RGH to get the keys.

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Xbox 360 will not die – It probably had 3 solid years left, and then people will start to leave it alone. M$ have stated they will support the 360 until 2016 atm. I know I'm sticking with the 360 for atleast 6 months after next gens release so i have the full run down on each console before i buy.Titan Fall, project spark, watchdogs etc, all of these games that are modeled as exclusives are not. Hi All, Its been a while since i turned on my xbox. After all this talk about GTA5, i think i want to resurrect it.The last time i switched it on would've been around 2007 ? i never did any updates thinking that one day, it would become useful with an old dashboard.And what is all this RGH stuff people are going on about?Forgive my ignorance but I have the sudden urge to buy a 360 w/ xk3y and wondering what my best options are ?

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