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Schedule update: I’m headed to Houston to speak to a group tonight at River Oaks Country Club and next week I’ll be in Tuscaloosa on Wednesday.

So if you’re an Alabama student or you happen to live in Tuscaloosa, we’ll have an Outkick meet up that evening.“As I was driving today I had an important question: What is the female equivalent of a good dick day?

I recently got a new hairstyle that has made my hair a lot more manageable and I’m able to style it much better, so my confidence has lifted.

Then one buddy texted “Mailbag that shit” so here we are.

I’m pretty sure if I wore the right Victoria’s Secret bra every guy reading this right now would think I had perfect boobs.

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While his wife swallows his hefty cock, his ex wife sucks on his balls, polishing them with her silky tongue. This is one of the sloppiest and dirtiest blowjobs ever, just wow! His son and her daughter-in-law are visiting him and his new wife, bringing along and unexpected guest, Mr. At first he was afraid sparks would fly but as his ex-wife, a hot babe cougar in a sexy red dress, and his new wife, a gorgeous brunette in a hot white dress are having drinks in the kitchen, he has a huge grin on his face.Without skipping a beat, his new hot wife grabs her face and plants a wet, passionate kiss on her lips as the girls start making out in front of the much surprised and very delighted Mr. He grabs his good old trusty sausage and starts jerking it while watching his new wife and ex wife making out, ready to fuck the girls both with his son and his daughter-in-law at the house, hoping they don’t come to the kitchen and catch them red handed, now that would be awkward! I'm glad I found these chat rooms because I can have a proper conversation with people and make new friends : D I love coming in here. All of the different people you get to meet, all of the different ways to interact. Whether you're looking for a friend, or just a good Roleplay, this place is perfect. : D It's got loads of nice looking emo lads in there and i like to chat to emo girls and boys.

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