Married sex and dating sites free

Having worked as a relationship expert for many years and written for magazines and newspapers about this a lot of it comes down to economics and money. But he does not love her, respect her or care about her so who cares? Nine times out of ten because he cannot afford to move out. If he paid women for sex he would be skint and if he moved out he would be in a tatty tiny room in the worst part of town, all alone, with nobody doing his washing and ironing, and not able to see his kids much.A man is bored with his wife, she will not give him enough sex or adventurous or kinky enough sex, or she is too worn out after taking care of the house and baby all day to look gorgeous and be sexy and inviting, so he wants more great sex. There is something cold and calculating about deciding to find a bit on the side,with no life, romance or friendship involved.Such as “text me now, I am in your town, horny and gagging for it” with a photo of a young busty woman who looks like she could get a job as a model.Of course he is paying to text a computer and the name of the town is put in to suit where he is.They think the World is full of women like them, desperate for sex with any man.Part of the problem is that men believe some of the silly advertising they see.A lot of single men also join in the hope of meeting a married woman for fun, a lot of young men look for an older married woman for fun, they think single women are fussy, time consuming and high maintenance, so the women have a lot of choice.

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An attractive sexy woman does not need to make do with a chat with a stranger when she fancies it.

A guy who is not able to and willing to wine and dine them, buy them gifts, and spend a lot of time with them will probably get nobody interested.

After all, to the woman who is looking and gets lots of offers being wined and dined, made a fuss off, bought presents is all part of the excitement and makes her feel special.

The truth is, if a guy cannot afford to use such sites he probably cannot afford a bit on the side.

It gets quite ridiculous when the married man, who is often nothing to look at, scruffy, inarticulate, awful job, no prospects, no charm, says he is only interested in a “bit on the side” if she has perfect measurements, is at least ten years younger than him, dresses very sexily in stockings and high heels every day, is well spoken, articulate, highly educated and very intelligent!

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