Low self esteem in dating

So people with high self esteem, who generally see themselves positively, tend to believe other people see them positively.

Because it’s difficult for people with low self esteem to believe they’re unconditionally loved and accepted by their partners, they tend to hold back from fully committing in relationships or making themselves vulnerable, or engage in other types of behaviours that are unhelpful for relationships (e.g. Part 3: A benefit of being in a relationship can be increased self esteem or at least increased self esteem in certain domains.

They may take impersonal criticisms and blow them out of proportion or try to tie them to a facet of their own personality.

For example: the man makes a simple mistake in working out a problem.

Their model is supported by lots of studies (including some of mine). Part 1: Regardless of their self esteem, people tend to assume that other people see them in a similar way to how they see themselves.

For example, if I think I’m warm, attractive, smart, and funny then I’m likely to assume that other people also see me this way.

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