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In my books, I talk about "Pre-Tests", "Mini-Tests" and "The Test".These are all tools that women have in their relationship toolkits that men lack. Youre not that guy, you didnt cause the problem and youre not worried about having bad relationships because you and she are mature enough to handle it right? Heres how: First, you need to set up a date with her.

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As soon as you learn how to pass these Tests, you're going to be the man women just have to get to know. Women believe deep down that real men should set the pace. When you see her, just walk up and say, Clear Saturday night, Ill pick you up at 8. Just tell her what you want, be absolutely clear about it and make sure SHES clear about it too.

Heres the most important rule I can give you about women: watch their actions - don't listen to their words.

Words are women's way of "managing" their situations.

It sounds like you are now on your way to recovery and peace..

Results in andy stanley new rules for love sex and dating a person being born and raised in jamaica, but i was in my thirties and still get the occasional.

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