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By practicing what you preach instead of the hypocritical "do as I say not what I do" approach, you emulate the habits you want your children to pick up and show them that there are times for using technology and times when we should be present in the real world.

Your family likely discusses important decisions that affect the group day-to-day, such as who's responsible for doing the dishes and where you should go for your next vacation. Lasser says, kids can start learning how to self-regulate and know when screen time is interfering too much with the rest of their lives.

Also, it's difficult to predict what the digital world will look like even just a few years from now.

While the debate on exactly how many hours kids can spend on their screens before it becomes unhealthy rages on, you can draw firm lines for tech-free times, such as during dinner, in the car, or on school nights.

It's clear that technology is here to stay and the world is becoming only more digitally driven. Technology can be empowering for kids of all ages, with tools that help children learn in fun and engaging ways, express their creativity and stay connected to others.

Children who are tech-savvy will also be better prepared for a workforce that will be predominantly digital.

There’s a time for screens, but not at the expense of time for physical activity and connecting with real people in real time." Some things to keep in mind as you try to strike this delicate balance: There's no single recipe for success, but you'll know it when you see it.

Balance for your family will look different than it will for your neighbor because every family is unique and parenting styles and values vary.

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