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19, which is clearly the gold standard in ages for datable women, just pretend that you are. and return to the girlish lass you used to be before you, you know, began actually adulting.

Make like you don’t have your career, and your calling, and your family, and your mission experience, and your extensive network of satisfying friendships . If someone with whom you cannot imagine a future deigns to ask you out, reinvent yourself as if you just graduated from high school.

Just because you can’t see their subatomic particles with your own eyes just shows how It is difficult to be a traditional woman in today’s psychotic Western culture, where every film that Hollywood produces seems to portray women as warrior goddesses who save men from physical danger, and every school teacher props girls up so that they get superior appear empowering, as Hollywood churns out one blockbuster after another in which superheroic women rescue helpless gentlemen in distress, but they are feminist lies.

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A man would have to be crazy to date this woman, for several reasons.The key for getting over your bitterness is to put men first.If a desirable man asks if you are free for a date, you are free. Unless you are foaming at the mouth crazy, the eagerness you display is a good thing. Practice dating behaviors that any 19 year old would practice to snag a good boyfriend. You had also better hurry; that pesky clock is ticking.(Sadly, he reports that he is already taken himself, but perhaps by following his advice you can find another Mr. It’s still entirely your fault that you are single, as you will see in the other six tips. All you old single women are bitter, says our author.

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