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In more affluent urban areas, like Vientiane, meeting Lao women doesn’t always have so many strings attached, although there are potential complications.Technically speaking, physical relations between a Lao national and a non-Lao national, who are unmarried, is illegal.Matrimony acts as a strong familial and economic tie.For Western men travelling in poor rural areas, it’s possible that fathers may offer their daughters’ hands to them rather freely, and relationships with a country girl may promptly lead to talks of marriage.

Unfortunately, many people in Laos are less forgiving of skin-tone than weight.If this isn’t your thing, do not react aggressively.Lao society is very accepting of homosexuality and overt displays of homophobia aren’t acceptable.The scene is more populated by gay men, while lesbians, toms, are not seen out and about as often.It is said that white elephants were prized by the ancient Southeast Asian kingdoms both for their rarity and their beauty.

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