Kiedis dating girls dating father figure

But there was an incorrect quote in Q Magazine where it talks about me having sex with his sister. He opened the magazine and said, ‘I never said that, why would I say that?’ That was something that writer had extrapolated from God knows where.

He has recorded 11 studio albums with the band and, alongside Flea, has remained the only permanent member of a group which has regularly shed guitarists – notably John Frusciante – and drummers throughout their evolution.My relationship with Flea is frighteningly functional these days. I enjoy his work ethic, conviction and commitment to what we do together. I think we’ll share this experience until the day we die. I think he forgave me for the book a long time ago.We’re not prone to holding onto grudges against each other for more than a month or two.”“Being a drug addict in recovery is actually a great place to be because you’re forced to be looking at the rancid layers of the onion that you’ve been carrying around for a lifetime.I like to get rid of the things that truly don’t work for me – psychologically, spiritually, mentally or whatever it is that’s blocking me or bringing me down. Then one day you realise that you will do whatever it takes to get rid of this stupid feeling that you’re having.I know what my sobriety date is, so it’s easy for me to add up the days and months since then.

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