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Lead the end of the tape over the buffer arm guide and down through the slot guide in the head assembly cover.The passage of the tape through the slot causes the small shield over the head assembly to move away from the head.Material for these sections has been scaled to the and training of computer and off-line system operators. LETTER DESCRIPTION DATE APPROVAL H Changed pages - Title page; 6/73 V through xi Revised pages - I-l, 1-3, II-l through II-9.

LOAD and ON LINE will be lit when the action is completed .

The tape will be pulled through the tape path and returned to the supply reel.

The tape reel may then be removed from the machine by pressing the knob toggle to the unlocked position.

After this sequence of operations is completed the switch becomes functionally disabled and can only be re-enabled by loss of tape tension.

ON LINE This is a combination pushbutton switch and indicator.

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