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And i OS could use splashier ways of taking advantage of it, too, like that animated lock screen. Down the road this is going to enable major, major changes in how i Phones and i OS work. Most of my friends and family didn't necessarily care about the i Phone's new features. My brother-in-law just wanted Live Photos to help him go back and pick better photos, like Burst Mode.What if I could push through folders, or push-to-magnify, dipping in and out of views? My wife is long overdue for an upgrade from the i Phone 4S, but she didn't care about 3D Touch. My mom already has an i Phone 6, and other than needing more storage for her photos she didn't see anything new she needed, either.But the apps that are emerging to take advantage of it are slowly coming, and those could get really interesting. You could press down harder on virtual piano keys (Smule's Magic Piano app added this function already).Racing games can get analog gas pedals (AG Racer added this, and it's one of the best demonstrations of 3D Touch).

That doesn't mean it's not a better phone, of course it is.The i Phone 6S and 6S Plus do have one minor distinction: they're the only remaining i Phones with a built-in headphone jack. It was as close to a perfect phone as I've ever seen.All of the newer models have Apple's proprietary Lightning connector but also include a 3.5mm adapter that will fit legacy headphones, so -- no big deal. All it ever really lacked was a better battery (Plus notwithstanding).(If you're looking for the absolute cheapest Apple phone, that's the diminutive The full review of the Apple i Phone 6S, originally posted on Oct. That's obvious: it's an S-year i Phone, and Apple always uses these to tweak design and ramp up processor speeds.It's the phone for people who didn't get the i Phone 6 last year.

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