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The union is also demanding CPS take a stand on larger issues that affect students, parents and educators, by curbing charter school expansion, supporting campaigns for affordable housing policies and officially designating the school system a “sanctuary” for undocumented people.

The CTUin contracts this year at a number of charter schools the union represents, after striking at three different charter networks.

Union leaders say that contract talks have changed little since Emanuel’s departure, with the Lightfoot administration continuing a “unilateral” approach, in CTU President Jesse Sharkey’s words, even when taking positive steps like More nurses, counselors, social workers, librarians and paraprofessional staff such as clerks and teachers’ aides are among the key demands of the union, which wants those changes quantified and enshrined in the contract.

In a system with over 500 schools, the union notes that there are only 128 librarians, down from 454 in 2013, and schools with a full-time librarian are concentrated on the wealthier, whiter North Side.

Her team at the negotiating table is the same team that Rahm Emanuel had at the negotiating table.

I think it’s pretty impossible to have a transformative lens but employ some of the same people who have been responsible for closing 50 schools and dismantling special education services.” Most of the union’s key demands are aimed at bolstering the quality of public schools and students’ experience, including by increasing the budget for school sports and trades programs as well as improving special education.

The Lightfoot administration, which did not return requests for comment, has so far largely ignored such issues in its offers and its write-up to an independent fact-finder meant to inform the negotiations.

That fact-finder isto release its official report on Aug. The administration has emphasized what it frames as generous raises for teachers.

Still, after months of negotiations with Chicago Public Schools (CPS), the powerful teachers’ union may again go on strike in the fall, with the union demanding Lightfoot make good on her promises.RAMONA Marquez looks almost unrecognisable after bleaching her hair platinum blonde as she reunites with Outnumbered co-star Daniel Roche.The actress debuted her dramatically different look on the red carpet at the Access All Area gala screening.There are only 108 school nurses, and most schools have a nurse present only one day per week, according to aproduced by the union as part of the contract negotiations.The National Association of School Nurses recommends one nurse for every 750 students, according to the document, while CPS has one nurse per 2,859 students.

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