Intimidating police

Unfortunately, as of late, many people feel that that is not enough for them to respect the uniform.

“They had guns, there were handcuffs, and the police radio was on.” A nurse told the mom, “Don’t be intimidated. Chambers went ahead with the medical exam and rape kit.When I posted this pic on my fb page, I received a nice little ‘note’ from my commander’s commander, who got his note from HQ, telling me that they weren’t ordering me to remove it, but basically, (in not so many words), ‘… Examples: Our department started putting the year of our graduation on a little rocker underneath our name tags. That being said, things can be taken a bit too far.Can’t tell you how many times a ‘bad guy’ looked at the date of a graduation, saw it was last year and figured, “I can take this rookie”, and tried.Another past time, one of our illustrious police chiefs from out of town, decided the cars should have the location of assignment placed in red on the back doors.

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