Indesign problems updating artwork

What is Print Booklet: Print booklet let you take your In Design multi page documents and print them in Printer Spreads.For example, I have a document with a finished page size of 5.5″x8.5″. I want to make a PDF in printer spreads with the page size of 11″x8.5″, two pages per sheet so I can fold and staple it.When it's in Printer spreads the first page will show me page 8 and 1 and the second page will show you page 2 and 7 and so on.Here's the problem: When I go to Print Booklet in Indesign CS5, on a Mac Book Pro running OS X 10.6.4, and try to make a PDF file the page rotates the wrong direction.Inserting a page number into text is extremely simple and a process that shouldn’t be hard to remember. Make a text box in the location where you would like your page number to go. There you can see the options Current, Next, and Previous Page Number as well as Section Number.Select Current Page Number to place the automatic number you want.

I was having an issue with Adobe CS5 In Design's Print booklet function.

The above steps are the most basic way to add a very basic page number, but if you follow a few tricks then you could save yourself even more time and get the job done even faster.

For one thing, the page number you’ve added is only for one page, and if you used that method you’d spend ages adding page numbers to the whole document.

It’s a simple trick to learn, takes only a few short seconds, and will be a skill that you will be thankful for every time you need to use it.

You can always refer back to this In Design tutorial should you forget any of the steps. Mouse over the option that says Insert Special Character. There are a few options for types of characters that you can insert, but the one we want is the Markers option.

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