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Then, just as I was signing onto Blogger, I came across this article in my feed reader which inspired me to write about my original topic.

Obviously I don't write as well as this guy or have his experience but these 50 resources may help (and note that the article was written in the 1970s but many of the resources are just as viable today...interesting!

(They really read into body language, vocal inflection, tone perceptions, and volume.)Argue differently.

(Their “anger ratio” is quicker and stronger, meaning they start loud and get louder, without much warmup.)View respect differently.

The primary causes of homelessness– poverty, lack of affordable housing, unemployment– affect everyone, regardless of gender.

A large percentage of the increase in homeless families is probably caused by the recession: unemployment and lack of affordable housing were the two most commonly cited causes of the increase in homeless families.

He wrote a book about his experiences at seeing people living and coping at their near-worst.

For instance, women are more likely to participate in survival sex in exchange for housing.The common wisdom is that the kids are most often with their mom and men make up a majority of the single homeless.After a period of economic melt-down the number of homeless has increased dramatically and this is an issue worth talking about.Second, it is necessary not to erase the existence of women who are homeless.Even though men are more likely to be homeless, homelessness is a lot more gender equal than a lot of people present it.

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