Hardison and parker dating

He used his fingers to move the strands of hair out of her face, making her stir and open her eyes.

She looked up at him and smirked."Morning."His smile grew as he watched her get out of bed and throw on his t-shirt.

He made her feel safe, he made her feel things she thought she could never feel.

He told her he loved her, and that he'd protect her from everything and anything that dared to harm her. Prototype- Outkast Hardison opened his eyes and groaned a little, adjusting to the morning sun. She looked so beautiful with the stray sun rays shining down on her, blonde hair lying in her eyes on his chest.

She gave him a slight smile."I'm fine, Hardison."Parker gently leaned her head on his shoulder. Hardison pointed to the laptop he had told her about."Great for a beginner," he told her."I still don't see why we can't steal it.""Parker."Colorful- Rocca De Luca & The Burden"How much do you weigh again?

He smiled back and they looked at the stars together. " Parker asked him Hardison frowned a little."You know what, we don't have to do this. This is way better than a movie," Parker replied, "Now how much?

She didn't know what these feelings were, but she hoped they would stop soon. Hardison wasn't okay with it at first, but hey, if he could get closer to her just for the summer, it was still something, and maybe it could turn into something more.I was watching The Miracle Job, my favorite episode if I had to choose one, but I love them all, which is really rare for me, so it's quickly becoming my favorite tv show of all time, going above Charmed and Gilmore Girls. Non-Believer- La Rocca Hardison found her on the rooftop, staring up at the stars.He smiled at the fact that he always knew where to find her. He stepped beside her, resting his hands on the ledge and looking up at the stars."Yeah.She turned back to him."You look even more beautiful in my shirt."She grinned and walked towards the door."I love you," he called out to her.She peeked back in, "Love you too."Stoppin the Love- KT Tunstall Parker leaned against the door.

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