Guys jacking off chat

After that I've been fantasizing about rubbing cocks on and off, sucking cock is also a fantasy and it feels awesome I have to say.

I personally love uncut and even have a whole selection of pictures of uncut hard cocks in a private email account hehe.

I know there must be a lot of other guys that feel this same way. Anyways, I was home, drunk and high so I decided to go thru the Internet watching some random porn and after gunning into some bbw videos I stared to get aroused at the idea of how horny it seemed to be to have another hard cock next to another guy while playing in bed with a girl.

Actually I liked thinking that feeling someone else's cock rub mine while penetrating the chick and it sorta ended fantasizing about just wanting to feel another hard cock on mine and just rubbing'em on eachother's, taking turns jerking'em together til cumming.

The two others were both married guys who all of a sudden grabbed my penis when we were naked together - one time showering after the beach another time having to sleep in the same bed..was really hot both times.

It could kill our friendship and he just might think I'm crazy. Well; as I was saying, this cock fantasy started one random night after getting back home all drunk and high from a night out with friends and a bit horny and kinda annoyed at the fact that I wasn't able to have sex with a girl that I met before leaving; we hit it off at once and made out but she just had to go and we were heading different directions.

PM me and leave ur yahoo address to add u right away.

Have skype too but I'm logged on my i Pod so can't do much but chatting at the moment, the connection ain't stable enough to hold a video call.

I also feel like I want a friend to see my cock and watch me jack off.

I get so horny when I fantasy about this that I go to a Dick web site and jack off. I have the same taste that u have about watching cocks.

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