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When Tohka first appeared on Earth, on the 10th of April, she came under attack by the AST.

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However, after Shido sealed her powers, she could finally develop and express feelings, as well as experience life on Earth.

Upon her admission to Raizen High School, Tohka adopts the female uniform of the said school.

This apparel consists of a black, long-sleeved top (winter), or a white, short-sleeved top (summer), together with a blue skirt, and a pair of long, black stockings that reach up to half of her thigh.

She also initially had a difficulty of understanding the concept of love, not realizing what her feelings for Shido were until Volume 12.

It has been shown several times that Tohka has a decent level of sensibility and common sense towards the battle, which arguably is the only thing of which she has any real memories.

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