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What I’m trying to say here, is content on the Internet tends to live forever and you might be stumbling on this writing a year, two or more from the time I wrote it. Just a little background for those that may not be aware.

I believe, starting with P3D v3.x, Lockheed Martin developed P3D to be somewhat modular in the way one can update and maintain the simulator.

As previously mentioned, after I download all the appropriate files (in this case four), I create a folder on my Windows desktop and place all the downloaded files in that folder.

Right-click on the Install_Client file and select Install.

In many cases, only the “Client” portion of the update needs to be applied.

But you should do your homework to best determine exactly what you need to update to take advantage of all the new bells and whistles available.

While the P3D update/install files will not prompt you or even require you to reboot, it is ALWAYS in your best interest to reboot after installing software and we’re wanting a trouble-free upgrade…so just reboot! Once your Windows gaming PC has successfully restarted, launch P3D.

Once downloaded, I typically place all the files into a new folder I create on the Windows desktop for ease of access. I’ve found this to be the least error prone way of doing this. Next we’re going to install the updated P3D Client which we downloaded in step two.P3D is doing a lot of work behind the scenes and in my experience it took perhaps an additional 1-2 minutes than normal.Once P3D launches, pay special attention to the screen below.The Install_Content installer will automagically access the two cab files (cont1 and cont2) as necessary to perform the updated content installation.Pending everything installed successfully, reboot your PC.

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