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If wa may trust the description of his house and garden in the Prologue to the Legend of Qood Women, probably oompoied in the spring of 1585, it would apiear that he was then living in the country, and had already given up his house over the c Hy gate at Aldgate to Richard Fonter, who obtained a formal lease of it f^m the Corporation of London in October, 1386. Vbln 1 panon : -ctt, -U ; (Munatiin M -t\ Infiiiltl Te : -«ii, -«. Folwe AD evsl conelnsionn ; ITlie] yiftaj were fiiir, bnt not forthv This pat me in oonfusionn, 4460 They hfllp B mo bat B! thiit wol Iiim with liir ho Mo, For how ahold I enrmon him seen T l Uado nllo tymes fbis pniroa dcre, Ho may not ont, aod that la wrong, Withoatfl deceyle, or any woro. Sodeynlj agajm comen donu Oat of liir loor I saogli Resonn. Whan thou di Jeat, the sotba to sa;, Obeyaaanoe and eek homage ; 464] Thoo w Tonghteit nobbing aa the aage. Ilioa haddiat nongbt be brongbtao bw*; For if thon wiiteat what it 1 Tho O BTVebimhalfa ■ake. , 4780 'ntan tkiakf (o 0Mn vvl, y-wl* ; May BD^cbi 1ui]|mi ell M ; for wile thou thia.— U tbov da* U, ii sli&l Am thea ; WUdi h»i IUa (i-ilt hir tpeohe in veyn : t MBk^' wrv^ I, ' I J" wel aey ILtcktvotifffa Mim I, Ujur^ your dootryna ; ^ lialta Budui yonr diicjplyne ; : rat no uon than (t| wilt fer, ~it aa wo contimrid and bo for I if.--i yit I OBD It al tpvoac To. 38 ; order, B 2303 ; reoolvef B 2258 ; command, lu. We learn incidentally, firom a note to the Envoy to Scogan, L 45, that he was living at Greenwich at the timo when he wrote that poem (probably in 1593). enda in -ad* (rarely -ed), -d F, -te, -t, 1 * that Uia Baal •* i* hare extremely common, bat It doaa not appear In the pp. that enda in .«■ or -a, whioh nsver appears in ; l U bit or third paraoo ^m^i Oar of tha paat tanae, Sx, went-*, 3 p. k, 78, is tnak paat tcnae ; elo-d, 103, i« a weak pp Conveiaely, y-rtmn^, 8, ii a strong pp. His ganmdial inflnt Ura liaa (0 arjbr to prallzad, and o A duiot«a pnipoa*. mp[illly, 4;to For many tymes I lis TO it Been, Bat Bial Acoil [mfty] lon Md be. Wban thou bicam hia liege man, Tbuu diditt a grct fuly than ; Thon wisteat not what fel therlo, With uhat lord Ihon haddiat to nor half a day, m boor withonte dulay, a fti] of Bbonrsa. V/n har M forystilb thiirot rl Kht nooglit, :^ ia^ w KUn Ln my ihoucbt 1 Bot tu my-flilf leweditt un I. Tliia visit ol' h'u [• Italy in of great importsace, aa it excrciaed a marked infloenos on Mb writinge, and eiubl M d H to onderstand llm dovolopment of his gonins. And diatoned firam melodye, Oontrove he wolde, and foule fiorle^ With hompypea of Comewayle. C5 ^^^^^^^^^^^^^■^^^H^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^H ^^^BHIH^H ^ 44 ^ (Jtomftun* of t9e (^oefc ff Mowrta A man spoken of Icciorj-a (iflo Detb Qced with the ttronee wallo. Jtl UKFOBh bodi Mtice tbeo wlthoale, And Biaka thy bodj- unto bim loate, tla^ berto a* bard atf dyamuiuit^ 4.1S5 Fur po tnauafs Uuit It may diya. Porif ymir tgodowiilol Ipee, 44« I mote be deed ; I may not cbese. da I»rrlii ; iind fccffiw l*a wvrk (i/ Jean de Uon B.l Allaa, in vanhope r— nay. If Hope me t Ule, than am 1 4t\^ Un Kiao JDoe and unworthy 1 In Hope I wo L oomforted lie, For Lovo, whan he bltaneht hir me, Soide, that Hope, wbar-eo I go Sbnldo ay be relees to my wo.

About Google Book Search Google's mission is to organize the world's information and to make it universally accessible and useful. John Chaucer's house stood in Upper Thames Street, beside Walbrook, just where that street is now crossed by the South-Eastem Bailway tram Cannon-street Station. Alle men wole holde thee for musardo, That debonair have founden thee ; 4035 It sit thee nought curteis to be ; To do men plesaunoe or servyso, In thoe it is recreaundyse. Be lyke thy name, which is Daungcre.* Than, al abawid in shewing, 4041 Anoon spok Dreed, right thus seying, And seide, * Daunger, I drede me That thou ne wolt [not] bisy be To kepe that thou hast to kepe ; 4045 Whan thou shuldist wake,thou art aslepo. If thee aspye Jelousy, Or if he flnde thee in blame. Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. The Compleint of Chancer to his Empty Parse .126 XX. Inntonncmoa to tii M.111 op Liw'i Pbolo The Pntlogae of the Uuuiei Tale of Lave The Tale o( the Uim at Lnwe Cordtnta. The Wife of Bftth's Prologue 565 The TRleoftho Wyf of Bathe 576 The Friar's Prologno 581 The Freres TUo 58J The Somnoar's Prologue 587 The Somnonrs Tale 588 QKorp E. We encourage the use of public domain materials for these purposes and may be able to help. Prorerhe 126 XXL Against Women Unoonstant 127 XXIL An Amorons Compleint (Compleint Damonrs) • '7 XXIIL A Balode of Compleynt 129 XXIV. The Clerk's Prologae 596 The Clerkcs Tale 597 The Merchant's Prologue 612 The liarohantes Tale 613 Epilogue to the Marchantes Tale 637 Gaoi-p F. Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. It has survived long enough for the copyright to expire and the book to enter the public domain.

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