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She knew many of my reasons for being so wrung out but I hadn't shared the loss of the family pet. I was a walk-on to the football team for a season (well, the practice squad anyway) until my knees gave out. I'm not supposed to cry when my dog gets put down, right? As I lay in her arms and she looked down at me with her deep brown eyes I felt positively covered in love. I was in heaven as she worked my back slow and gentle."Oh no, I need you here." I ran my fingers through the dangling threads of her soft brown hair. And she did a very nice job; she took her time and she was very thorough, rubbing my legs, calves, feet, arms, hands, etc.

She scooted up a bit until her bush was just at the base of my cock so it almost looked like it was hers and she was jacking herself off. "So this is what I would look like with a penis." She stroked it absently, examining more than exercising it.Big Jim quickly rose to the occasion, since every time she bent over to reach my upper chest she rubbed into him.That and the view of her lovely, heavy tits dangling over me were quite enough to produce a rigid boner right quick. I didn't spend my entire college career waking up with strange women, still drunk from the night before and covered in bodily fluids.OK, so I did a lot of that, but I did hold down a steady relationship for two years with a pretty little thing named Gina.

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