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A reason why children rely on parents, spouses rely on each other, friends band together and so on is because most of the time, they share the same views on life or at the very least are looking in the same direction.

Falling in line will cause you to be dependent on others without realizing it, because you feel the need to seek everyone else’s approval before acting or speaking.

Instead of saying, “I am going to make a million dollars this year,” go with, “I will save 20% of my salary each month.” The more attainable the goal, the more likely you will be able to succeed on your own without relying on others to help or bail you out.

Another simple example is setting a goal for yourself to be promoted this year.

All these factors have a role to play in how independent you can be.

Plan your own activities, pick up hobbies and indulge in things without your spouse every so often.#2 Use “me” instead of “we.” If you are married or in a serious relationship, you will know how important teamwork is in making things work.There is no denying that partnership is key when building a life with someone else, but independence plays a huge role too.If you are a stay-at-home parent who does not have time for a 9 to 5 job, get a part time job or something that will allow you to work from home.If you are a full timer, perhaps it is time to start job hunting for something that will give you the chance to make ends meet.

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