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We found nearly one-third of those doctors continued to practice for years before being convicted for operating pill mills.

During the process, we learned of a Portsmouth-based doctor, Paul Volkman.

Issues ranged from felony drug convictions, having sex with patients, pre-signing blank prescriptions and other misconduct. Justice Department had just sent out an email to local media announcing four doctors were indicted for running “pill mills” in Hamilton.

Many went on to operate some of the largest pill mills in Ohio. It’s not unusual we get these types of announcements from law enforcement officials – whether it be federal or local – about indictments, arrests and convictions of people involved in different types of crimes. As we continued to scan the announcement, the scope and number of painkillers these doctors had distributed was staggering.

We know these stats were more than just numbers – they involved real people – real lives impacted – on the other end of the prescribing. There may have been a cause of death, but the only other tidbit of information to go off of was a rough date of death.

While digging into one doctor’s history, we obtained an indictment related to a doctor who federal prosecutors linked to a patient death. But we knew the doctor was indicted in the Southern District of Ohio.

We ran a quick check of the doctors in the news release.

We found one of them had a lengthy discipline history, but the medical board never revoked his license. The origin of the opioid epidemic Our research led us to question whether this was an isolated incident or if there were even more doctors who were able to continue working with patients despite serious discipline in the past.

It would also show you if the medical board has disciplined the doctor at any point and if so, why.We knew we had to find this family and talk to them to let their voice be heard. So, the death had to have occurred in a county south of Columbus.Chief Investigator Ron Regan contacted medical examiner offices in multiple counties, asking them to query their systems based on the initials and rough date we had. Only one contained the exact cause of death next to the initials, “J. That’s how we found Wayne Rogers, who was courageous enough to share his story. M.” or Johnna Morgan, ultimately died of a drug overdose.Gregg Skall is a partner of the law firm Womble Bond Dickinson (US) LLP.He is a past Telecommunications Practice Group Leader. Gregg represents broadcasters and other parties in their regulatory dealings before the Federal Communications Commission in their commercial business dealings.

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