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I know too many women who fret over weight they think niggas give a shit about when really we’re trying to understand what the fuss is about. I’ve never heard a man say, “ya but that cellulite on the left side of her thigh really bothers me sometimes and really makes me not want her sexually”. Only dudes that could even conjure up that sentence are these guys Do not misunderstand me: Yes we look at thick girls and lust after them.

Yes we go on Instagram and porn sites and have sexual thoughts about ALL those women and run scenarios through our heads of them on our face.

We talked on the phone a few times and agreed to meet.

He spends a lot of alone time with my dad during this vacation. I have finally found what I have searched for all my life.... and David's unconditional love is the source of that happiness!

You can stay fat because chances are you’re fucking not.

They are Voluptuous, Beautiful and Seeking New Connections.

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Meanwhile your male counterpart carries out a diet of everything he’s always eaten save for the last 10 fries and somehow, someway loses 30 lbs in a week because Eve was a selfish vegan with no self discipline. I’m fully aware its not fair and I can readily admit that I’m one of those guys. I hear I’m big almost every 20 minutes and I don’t budge…par for the course. I get that I’m not talking to stereotypical fat people. Weeks of thinking why the hell you went out Friday night, got drunk and decided a 20 piece nugget and diet coke was a good idea at 4am. That was back in the day when all you had was Fanta C gym in the east and “Ballys” in the west.

Men see it and lose their professional countenance and have to do the ugly face just to comprehend what the hell they’re witnessing and often times the weaker among them even have to make that appreciation verbal. When you eat another goddamn salad sprinkled with some random ass oil and skinny girl tears all in the hopes of losing that last 20 lbs by Friday. Sad part is, the double standard dictates that that’s ok whereas any female counterpart of mine has to suffer through comments and insults on the daily.

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