Failed updating etrust vet engine to version

Some of the smaller commercial AV companies and the developers of the Open Source project Clam AV urgently need to do something in this area.While well-working processes already exist in order to report new malware and add detection for those files, it is important to attain the same high quality of processes in the case of false positives.This false positive was rather significant, as the computer magazine had just produced several hundred thousand cover CDs which included these games.Just a couple of hours later, they would have destroyed all the CDs to make sure they were not about to distribute possibly infected software.This will hopefully reduce the impact of false positives in future and we will be able to remove files causing false alarms faster than ever before.The number of incidents attributed to the Lazarus Group, a.k.a.From the scan time requirement, one can easily see which of the scanners really inspected all 42,843 files inside the 896 (self-extracting) EXE files.If an AV program doesn't scan the whole self-extracting On the day of our initial test, we notified the AV companies, discussed the results with them and provided samples of the files to those who requested them.

We limited our scans to 896 EXE files (877 MB) inside the '/rar' subdirectory of the FTP server where copies of archives are often used for the packaging of malware, like password-stealing Trojans or Backdoor programs.A well-known computer magazine contacted me on 30 August regarding the games Action Ball 2003, Action Ball 2004 and Jumpy Balla 2003, which can be found at Of the 27 AV tools tested, six found a virus inside the files.We left the infected files inside the collection, as all virus scanners should flag them - and if they don't, we know that some scanner tasks might have failed.A couple of these files seem to have been infected by CIH in the past and subsequently cleaned, without removing all parts of the virus, which disqualifies them for both true and false positive tests.

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