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But strong emotion is what you will not get — until you pull your Spanish teacher (or perhaps a classmate) back to your flat for some “extracurricular activity”.Your brain is wired to learn from strong emotions and the things associated with them, so a lot of conversations you’ll have in the context of a romantic relationship will be much more memorable than the time you spend drilling the pluscuamperfecto in class. And I’m somewhat of an expert in foreign romance at this point. While we can expect plenty more cold, rainy, windy weather before things get really hot, there’s already been a noticeable change in people’s outlooks. According to some surveys, people have two to three times more romantic encounters in the warmer months, and those in stable relationships are also more likely to have an affair at this time of year. The warmer weather means that more people are out in the streets, having a drink on the – a spring fling.You can learn a lot about yourself and your culture in a relationship with someone whose expectations are totally different than yours.You might find (as I’ve said in other articles) that your own cultural expectations are rather arbitrary and not serving you as well as they could.And also, “drilling” your Spanish teacher is just more fun than doing grammar exercises!Ask me how I know…If you spent the first twenty-something years of your life in Chicago, Dublin, or Manchester, you’re never going to truly “be Spanish” — whatever that means.

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Eventually, of course, she dumped me because I wasn’t following those very same relationship rules. Anyway, in a big city like Madrid, you’re not very likely to run into people you know, either, so you can enjoy a certain anonymity you might not have back home. so much so that I’ve written another one about dating Spanish girls, and also one about sex in Spain. Repetition is, of course, what you’ll do if you go to a language school and sit down to memorize verb conjugations.Eventually you’ll move on to the different cases in which you want to use the subjunctive, or the twenty-three differences between por and para.In any case, these relationships will have you feeling things you never thought possible, whether positive or negative. When you’re dating someone from another country, don’t forget — your new partner is also having a cultural experience, and chances are you’re just as exotic for them as they are for you. Finally…If you’re dating people in your small town back home, you’ll surely have awkward encounters with exes from time to time.

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