Error when updating ps3 help a healthy dating relationship

thanks for ur reply, i havnt opened ports i will surely try that.

As you will see from the above video, there’s a bewildering number of different error codes that can plague your PS3 console.

In other words, your PS3 is not receiving an internet signal.

Try to reboot the system and get a new internet connect.

The PS3 internal clock thought that 2010 was a leap year and so when the network service tried to tell the console that it was 1st March 2010 and not 29th February, fat PS3 consoles around the world shut down.

That problem was quickly resolved and if you get error 8001050F today it’s most likely because of a Playstation network issue and nothing more.

If you have a wired internet connection, the problem could be due to congestion on the ISP network.

You may also want to re-check your network settings.

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PS3 error code 80710102 occurs when the PS3 system is again unable to connect to the Internet.In early 2010, the fat PS3 suffered a major firmware fault, rendering these consoles unusable all around the world.The issue was finally dentified as a bug with the internal clock.It simply means that the Play Station Network is down.The solution is to wait for the Network to come back up, so you’ll need to connect to the Network at a later time.

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