Error updating a list item document checked out

Tip: If your team plans to use co-authoring, we recommend turning on at least major versioning in the library, just in case someone makes a mistake and uploads a document of the same name in a library where everyone is co-authoring.

This way, if you lose changes, you can restore a previous version of the document.

If you downloaded your document to work locally, you'll want to upload it before checking it. See Upload files to a library to see how to do this.

Note: Some functionality is introduced gradually to organizations that have opted in to the Targeted release program.

Some libraries are set up to require checkout of files.

If checkout is required, you will be prompted to check out any files that you want to edit.

If you want to make changes to a file on a site and you want to make sure no one else can edit it, check out the file.

When you have the file checked out, you can edit it online or offline, and save it—multiple times, if necessary.

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