Error ocurred while updating

If Spyder does not start at all and before submitting a bug report, please try to reset settings to defaults by running Spyder with the command line option '--reset': this command will remove all your Spyder configuration files located in 'C:\Users\praveen.spyder-py3').

If Spyder still fails to launch, you should consult our comprehensive Troubleshooting Guide, which when followed carefully solves the vast majority of crashes; also, take the time to search for known bugs or discussions matching your situation before submitting a report to our issue tracker. Tried 'spyder --reset' but no use, it still crashed.

This was unchanged after installing Theano, and I didn't get any compilation or install errors building the package and all the messages indicated success.

Hope this helps in some way to find a fix for this issue.

Also, just to let you know, below are the relevant packages (found from the different forums/threads) as of now in my anaconda env: ipykernel = 5.1.0 pyzmq = 17.1.2 setuptools = 40.6.3 Let me know if I have downgrade any of these packages for fixing the issue.

This is a totally fresh installation on windows 10 on my laptop.

I already installed anaconda spyder on my desktop and it works without a problem. Spyder Internal Console This console is used to report application internal errors and to inspect Spyder internals with the following commands:, spy.window, dir(spy) Please don't use it to run your code Hi, I have the same problem.

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