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But Spitzer's probe has a much broader focus than just direct pay-to-play activities prohibited by federal law, the suit reveals.Executive Turntable BILLBOARD LATIN MUSIC CONFERENCE & AWARDS April 24-27 The Ritz-Carlton • Miami Beach Join Billboard at the Latin Music Conference & Awards, recognized as the definitive and biggest gathering of Latin music executives worldwide! 2006 • albums PAGE ARTIST 'Tf RI THE BILLBOARD 200 62 HE-YO TOP BLUEGBASS 72 AUSQN KRAUSS UNION STATION icwir MM MRU MM TOP CLASSICAL ZZ ANNA NETRE6K0. TI'« TOP HEATSEEKERS [79 THE FRAY MMTOOAVt Atn TOP INTERNET za SOUNDTRACK MGH SCNXlt UUSIWl TOP JAZZ ZZ MICHAEL SUfl LE ■ ITGTME TOP CONTEMPORARY JAZZ ZZ HEHBIE HANCOCK PCMtfli Tlf S TOP LATIN Z* OAODY YANKEE MHAOr M? TOP R&B HIP-HOP 69 mnt |li UN NM TOP REGGAE G9 MATISYAHU LM «r St UBB 1 SINGLES PACE AH IIS T ; TITLE ADULT CONTEMPORARY 6Z JAMES BLUNT WKKMITVU ADill TTOPan 62 JAMES BLUNT I ■ ■ 1 H KMjwro HOT COUNTRY [73 Z5 KENNY CHISNEY UVIRG H 'AST FVA4H£ HOT DANCE CLUB PLAY MADONNA HOT DANCE AIRPLAY Z5 MADONNA HOT DIGITAL SONGS 67 HE TO HOT 100 66 «Y0; HOT 100 AIRPLAY 6Z MARY J BLIGE HOT SINGLES SALES 6S MADONNA 1 HOT LATIN SONGS I 74 DAOOY YANKEE MODERN ROCK 62 NINE INCH NAILS 1 fwrowai MCTtrpc wi« POP 100 68 NE-YQ, POP 100 AIRPLAY 68 ™ NEYO HOT R&B HIP HOP MANY J.ROLANDO VILLAZON vctni* stiicucft* moo la nw»«» TOP CLASSICAL CROSSOVER ZZ ANDREA B0CELL1 ftft N TOP COUNTRY A LAM JACKSON I "BKn L"J Mf MIMES TOP DIGITAL za JACK JOHNSON DJBOUS OHME ISCXMOTMCX. l UBf ' el wti-oji iai HOT RAB/HIP HOP AIRPLAY MARY J BLIGE/ St ft-'KUT tt' R&B HIP HOP SINGLES SALES BEYONCE FEATURING SLIM THUG R&B ADULT 70 MARY J BLIGE RHYTHMIC 70 MA«Y J BLISF h nrmm no ® VIDEOS | PAGE TTTLE TOP DVD SALES 79 79 79 79 RENT TOP VHS SALES REQUIEM FOR A DREAM VIDEO RENTALS SAW 11 GAME RENTALS PS2: EA SPORTS FIGHT NIGHT ROUND 3 THIS WEEK ON ARTIST TITLE TOP BLUES THE DEREK TRUCKS BAND MUAfl B TOP CHRISTIAN ALAN JACKSON ' TOP DANCE SALES MADONNA TOP GOSPEL VARIOUS ARTISTS TOP INDEPENDENT HAWTHORNE HEIGHTS HOT RINGTONES 1 NELLY FEAT. All A G»PP M ) TASTEMAKERS NE-YO TOP WORLD CELTIC WOMAN / TOP MUSIC VIDEO THE LAURIE BERKNER BAND ' ■! Jin Klpnb i TOk Stno/Vlome VOeo) 3 Todd Martena (mdm) 323-525-2292 BILLBOARD COM NEWS EDITOR/ALBUM REVIEWS EDITOR Jonathan Cohen b46654 S5B2 SINGLES REVIEWS EDITOR: Chuck Taylor 646-654-4729 BILLBOARD. Wabjh 646 654-4904 SENIOR ASSOCIATE EDITOR: Katy Kroll (Soeoa J Features) 646-654-4709 ASSOCIATE EDITORS: Kat Ja Meaty {8iil Ooat(J corn) 646-654-4650. or e-mail to letters a Include name, title, address and phone number for verification. All submissions published shall become the sole property of Billboard, which shall own the copyright in whole or part, for publication, VICE PRESIDENT.We have to get over that fear because in succumbing to it we become invisible, and invisibility, for an artist, is true career death. James Mc Murtry is an Austin-based singer /songwriter whose current album. showcase and will tour the United States throughout spring and summer. SANDERS ADVERTISING PRODUCTION MANAGER: Chris Deater EDITORIAL PRODUCTION SUPERVISOR/OPS ADMINISTRATOR: Anthony T.We cannot please everybody and we should not bother trying. Sta Mnga SPECIALS PRODUCTION EDITOR: Mart Glequlrtto SYSTEMS/TECHNOLOGY SUPERVISOR: Barry Blthln SENIOR COMPOSITION TECHNICIAN: Suaan Chicola COMPOSITION TECHNICIAN: Rodger Leonard ADVERTISING GRAPHIC ARTISTS: Ray Cartoon, Ken Diamond DIRECTORIES PRODUCTION MANAGER: Lan Durham (Nashvile) PUBLISHING ft OPERATIONS PRESIDENT ft PUBLISHER: JOHN KILCULLEN GROUP EXECUTIVE ASSISTANT/SPECIAL PROJECTS COORDINATOR: Kr Ut Jna Tumi VICE PRESIDENT/GENERAL MANAGER: P.

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