Enfp dating an entp

Just because it's part of our nature, doesn't mean we can't control it. I'm not sure who follows Enneagram, but I'm a 7w6 (Enthusiast) vs the more common 7w8 (Excitement Seeker) model, which some of you seem to be referring to.Think of it more as the ability to suspend judgement and run with whatever ideas are in your head at the time, but we really do have feelings... Enthusiasts demand that life be engrossing and entertaining.Two NFs together can really hurt each other with their deep sensitivities.It can be very difficult to maintain once someones feelings are too hurt :( The ENTP moral inconsistency i think is why they are such a good match for an INFJ...I've been in relationships with ESTPs and ESFPs, but to my knowledge, never an ENTP so I can't give any firsthand account of it. I find while i can get on well with ENTP's generally, too much time with them is exhausting and sometimes gets on my nerves.But the ENTP's i know(and it's only two people.) do have a propensity to argue for the sake of arguing and be self destructive at times, they also tear my ideals to shreds and I find that very hard.

In fact, I would classify those relationships as the worst, most destructive relationships I have ever been in.Enjoyable and exciting activities, which may include acquiring material goods, help Excitement Seekers escape from a harsh or boring reality.In other words, I'm closer to an INFP, while 7w8 is closer to an ESTP.Conversely, ENTPs are really patient, and really good at picking up on environmental cues. Additional Reading: main point is to find a mature ENx P.Which means when you want time alone, or if you aren't ready to talk about something, we probably know. it's hard to explain the feelings and stuff, but here's a website with a picture of puppy to help me explain: https:// I hope that helps a bit. You can have a lot in common with both types, but it burns down to how comfortable you are to open up and actually get to know the person. Yeah, we can seem a bit overbearing, it is our default mode to talk a lot (and I mean A LOT) whenever we are meeting someone new, but we mainly do it just to overcome all the awkwardness involved in introducing one another and then to jump-start the conversation as the introvert is rarely the one to speak up first. And while we can seem somewhat unstable on the outside, we have morals and are likely to value your emotions as long as you don't try to manipulate us (that simply doesn't work). I really don't know how to explain a relationship with you guys.

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