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The remaining Order and DA members, along with their families, decided to leave Britain and restart their lives far away from the memories of death and bloodshed.

Erin's schoolmates usually make fun of her for being tall and thin. 16, 2009 I'm going to be working on a new Henchman No. The new comic is easier to make than any of my other comics, so it doesn't take up much time at all.

Starting Monday, I will be doing a third comic called Pegwarmers.

If you have a favorite superhero, let me know and I might buy an action figure of him for the series. 18, 2009 I've been drawing Erin that thin for a while.

Surely he or Dumbledore or could have chosen a different path and prevented such a terrible outcome.

Surely there was something he could still do, some way to keep fighting, some strategy he'd overlooked.

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