Diner dating nantes

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Seasonal ingredients are grown in collaboration with gardener Olivier Durand, meaning that there’s always something new on the menu and there are plenty of surprises.

From charming bistros to sushi bars, and even to Michelin-starred restaurants, here’s our pick of Nantes’ best restaurants.

L’– which stands for ‘l’Univers de Nicolas’ or ‘Nicolas’ universe’ — has long been one of Nantes’ most stylish restaurants.

Typical Turkish dishes like Tavuk Şiş (chicken shish kebab), Köfte (meatballs) and Adana Kebabı (spicy Adana kebab) are served with masses of bread and salad.

But for the full experience order a plate of mixed mezes to share, then follow it up with a gooey slice of baklava (sweet, nut-stuffed pastry).

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