Dear abby dating married man

When she found out about our relationship, she was very upset.She has left him many times in the past because of wrongdoings on both their parts, but since her illness she has come to rely on him for everything.DEAR ABBY: I’m writing in the hope you’ll print my letter and, with your response, raise awareness about male breast cancer.A male family member was recently diagnosed with breast cancer, and in addition to the issues everyone recently diagnosed with cancer goes through, there are additional issues causing stress.Unfortunately, his wife has a terminal illness, and he feels obligated to care for her until it is over.We formed a very close bond as we talked and soon realized we are in love and want to be together.When you follow a story, the next time a related article is published — it could be days, weeks or months — you'll receive an email informing you of the update.

You should do it before becoming any more involved with him.

Frankly, I am surprised you would seriously consider ending your marriage over the fact that he still considers them to be family.

If ever I thought a couple should get marriage counseling, it is you two.

Because of her illness and lack of support from her immediate family, we agreed that he needs to fulfill his obligation to her, and I will wait for him.

We have continued talking and spending any time we can together.

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