Dating your housemate internet connection status validating identity

I’ve been lucky enough to be in a relationship with my flatmate for a year and a half now and I can’t imagine ever living apart now or breaking up for that matter.So if I’ve learnt anything from going against the “don’t date your flatmate” rule it’s that it’s the best rule I’ve ever broken.Sleeping with your housemate obviously creates some issues, like not being able to look them in the eye over your soggy coco-pops in the morning or having all your housemates jeer about the exact ‘ins and outs’ of your night.But it’s presumed that inter-house relationships are never anything more than one-night-stands because really, who’s stupid enough to think dating their housemate is ever going to end well?Think how annoyed you got living with siblings or naggy parents. You’ll find out about all the things they do that would probably have been kept secret until a year into a normal relationship, like how many days they’ll wear the same pair of pants for or how often they masturbate.Some things are definitely better left to the imagination.So just don’t be surprised if they’re underwhelmed when you announce your new relationship to the wider world, they actually knew all along after all.Because EVERYONE advises against having a relationship with your flatmate, the rest of your house will probably tease you/think that you’re crazy in the beginning.

The best thing you can do is remind people that you don’t need “couple time” all the time and they’re not a third wheel when they spend time with you. You have to be careful about PDAs Another struggle is making sure to limit public displays of affection whilst in the house.If you’ve started dating your flatmate, the chances are that you don’t want everyone to know straight away.Maybe you’re scared that people will (rightly) rip you for shacking up with their neighbour.Before you know it, secrets and mystery will be a thing of the past.If you can overcome the many struggles of dating a flatmate and your relationship is made stronger because of it then you’ve probably found that it’s pretty great.

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