Dating wrong guy

It’s not healthy and wise to expect you to be his singular source of joy and happiness.

You and your guy should have some alone time in order to keep the spark in your relationship.

You also don’t want to feel controlled in the relationship.

There is a healthy balance that needs to be created between two people.

Is it with kindness, patience, acceptance – just look at all of it and see for yourself how things really are – then make a decision about whether or not this is right for you.

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Yep, deliberately start dating people who you wouldn’t typically date but have the new traits you’ve added.If you’re divorced or separated and worried about dating the wrong guy, you have a right to be cautious.It’s a new year and you don’t want to waste a moment of it with someone who isn’t aligned with your goals.look for ways to keep it in balance and in prspective. Because he doesn’t want or because you are embarrassed by him so much that you don’t want your social circles to know him?Did you introduce your boyfriend to your family or friends? If he doesn’t want to meet your family, it’s a red flag to watch out for in your relationship. Be sure to meet them and notice how he speaks about them, speaks about his ex’s, and how he interacts with family and friends.

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