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Although it seems that being in a relationship involves some feeling to be felt between two individuals but it is not a necessary criterion for a relationship, for example the relationship between a lawyer and his client. On the other hand dating can be defined as an emerging relationship between two individuals.

The sole purpose behind dating is to know whether a particular person would be a perfect partner or not.

From the above discussion it is very much clear that the main difference between dating and relationship lies in the level of commitment.

If u want to be in a relationship then you should be responsible towards your partner.

And when you make it onto his Instagram story—or even more telling his feed—it’s a sign things are becoming exclusive.

All that said, exclusive dating doesmean that this person is your boyfriend or girlfriend.

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Yet both of these terms sound synonymous to each other when being discussed in the romantic context, yet there are few facts that could help us determine the difference between dating and relationship. Difference in the level of commitment and seriousness: This is the most important difference between a relationship and dating.

When two persons are dating each other then there is no commitment involved at all.

But as they spend more time together and get to know each other better then the level of seriousness and commitment starts increasing.

How do you introduce this person if you run into someone from high school? “People get so tripped up these days with ‘label aversion,’" says Lisa Concepcion, relationship expert and founder of.

” stage of your courtship, here’s what to know about exclusive dating versus actual relationships.

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