Dating term descriptions

It presents the organization of this specification document and the conventions used throughout the specification.Section 2 of the specification introduces the SPARQL query language itself via a series of example queries and query results.Unless otherwise noted in the section heading, all sections and appendices in this document are normative.This section of the document, section 1, introduces the SPARQL query language specification.In particular, Section 6 introduces the ability to make portions of a query optional; Section 7 introduces the ability to express the disjunction of alternative graph patterns; and Section 8 introduces patterns to test for the absense of information.

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This specification defines the syntax and semantics of the SPARQL query language for RDF.Section 10 describes the forms of assignment possible in SPARQL.Sections 11 introduces the mechanism to group and aggregate results, which can be incorporated as subqueries as described in Section 12.Section 3 continues the introduction of the SPARQL query language with more examples that demonstrate SPARQL's ability to express constraints on the RDF terms that appear in a query's results.Section 4 presents details of the SPARQL query language's syntax.

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