Dating taking things slow

You’ve just started dating a new guy and you’ve been on two dates.You could have gone one those two dates in the same week, but maybe the first date and the second date were one week apart.Taking things slow could be covering up the fact that you and this person aren’t actually meant to be together.You could actually be totally wrong for each other in a variety of ways.Love needs a lot of time and effort, and you’re not putting the time and effort into the new relationship.

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Here are five reasons why going slow isn’t the best idea if you’re looking to find your best friend, soulmate, and one true love. You don’t see any problem with seeing him almost every day right off the bat and sharing everything with him. Give your undivided attention: If you’re putting the breaks on things, and you still want the guy to pursue you, you need to show your interest when he is in front of you. That feels amazing for a man, and he will wait to have more. Go to some outrageous restaurant like Hawaiian Tropic Zone and join the bikini beauty pageant yourself. The night will stay on his mind for a while, and so will you. Show him that he is the center of attention for the night. Or even every other day if you’re serious about taking things slowly. And then, suddenly, you’re in a full-blown relationship! Here’s how to take things slow, without losing his interest: waiting to see you by doing something unique every time. Send the rare, seductive text: Don’t text or call every day.

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