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Since your listeners and fans are going to listen to your music through headphones, their car speakers, home speakers, or however they prefer and not on the same studio speakers you used, it may seem that most studio monitors that are good enough are just that - good enough.Defined as a ‘repeated musical phrase’, guitar riffs are usually instantly recognisable, easy to remember, and set the tone for the song.We are already planning to expand our audio equipment with more Carvin Audio microphone systems." powered main speaker for live performances.

Ethnobotanical surveys have indicated a large number of plants as aphrodisiacs.

Orange has a 51 year history as an all-analogue amp builder.

From our valve-driven Rockerverb MKIII to the solid state Crush Pro Series, we have been, and will remain to be, all-analogue.

Fast forward to a few weeks later and the band received six 100-watt amps and sixteen cabs.

While many country and Americana artists use chimey, sparkling amps to derive their tone, our artists prefer Orange because of the full-bodied twang and overdriven cleans.

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