Dating someone with bpd borderline personality disorder Webcam chat with thailand

With Love Poison Oakley fghjk1111, I was in a similar situation and after the relationship I've read a lot about BPD.

I was hurt in such a way that I really hate now that person, but I want to understand her even if I can't help her. I realize now that understanding John is important to keeping him.

So I continued to expect him to have non-BPD behaviors. I was in love with him very deeply and was willing to accept all of him except the drinking. Another huge problem was that he thought I was always mad. I spent many sleepless nights wondering where he would end up. One time I was going for tutoring for a class I was in and John became agitated an jealous.

Unfortunetly I didn't understand him until it was too late.

When he told me about BPD I quickly went throught the book Stop Walking On Eggshells and thought to myself, he doesn't self multilate himself, is not suicidal and had what I thought was milder conditions of the rest of the criteria for a BPD. I would send emails that described what he was doing to me but he took those emails as personal insults of his life.

By the end of our relationship I had abandoned all of my friends from before my relationship with John because of John's jealousy and because I was afraid of a scene John might create when he them.

The needing constant confirmation of my love for him. All the outbursts and anger over trivial things or issues that didn’t exist. I would have to argue for hours how much I loved him and then eventually John would say “I didn’t realize you felt that strongly about me.” that happened several times.

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