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What did you do after landing the iconic 360 flip down Wallenberg?

After landing it, I got in the back of a minivan and we went to Subway to get sandwiches and drinks. I was so broke off – sweating, swollen arm, hip blown out, bleeding.

At the time I was dating my wife, Red, but we weren’t married yet, and I wasn’t making enough money to pay for her roundtrip ticket out to California for the premiere, especially that close to the screening date.

The cinematographer that he is, his videoparts and the way he edited – he could take a dude who is like “meh” at skating, relatively whatever… It was heavy and most people would crack under it.. So what’s with these boards you are releasing on October 30th? This isn’t any brand, this is just me making boards. Brand or no brand, I’m printing 666 boards, It’s just like a one-off. I’m not rushing into anything with any brands, because there’s a lot that goes into it, and the next place I go, I want it to be my home. I have a skate rat mentality, much like the kids that are out there skating, and less like the older, more jaded people that get paid to do it. Someone that dedicated their life to it and loves it.Our special two-way matching system is simple to use, and we hope you'll have fun finding your most compatible matches.Do keep in touch - as always, we'd love to hear how you are getting on!Free to join, it's the perfect place to find like-minded potential partners for rural romance, relationships and friendship; in a safe and secure environment.It's so easy, simply create your personal profile and view your most compatible matches, browse profiles in your area and see who likes you.

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