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Work and Adult Day Services provide a comprehensive approach designed to provide individuals with opportunities for meaningful participation in daily life.

Services provide opportunity for personal growth, social/recreational activity, vocational development and retirement.

We are also an employment network and offer Ticket-to-Work services that assist individuals in managing Social Security benefits when beginning or returning to work.

Services include vocational evaluation, skills training, job placement, and post-placement training and support.

Elwyn serves over 900 people each year in these workshops.

Elwyn’s Adult Training Facilities support individuals with developmental disabilities by offering opportunities for personal growth, community and vocational experiences, and relationship building.

Individuals earn a commensurate wage for their work and receive a paycheck every two weeks.

There are also opportunities to participate in career classes geared toward readying individuals to move on to competitive employment in the community.

Some examples: Stay calm, praise positive behavior, and work with the child’s health professional.Examples of physical aggression: or planned aggressive behavior may become more common.Aggressive behaviors that cause damage to objects or harm people or animals are considered violent behaviors.We offer services in Southeastern Pennsylvania, Delaware, California, and New Jersey.Our goal is to enable individuals to achieve their highest level of independence and lead meaningful lives. Johnson has over 20 years of experience in the human services field and holds a Master’s degree in Human Services from Lincoln University.

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