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Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 513 CDI R3L NEW (MAY 2016) RACK-READY HD/4K OB VAN, CAN BE CONFIGURED EXACTLY ACCORDING TO CUSTOMERS NEEDS This is unique chance to get rack-ready OB VAN from manufacturer in very short time, in less than 2 months. If the item you want is not advertised you can send a message to all our dealers with what you are looking for and if they can help they will get back to you. The corporation holds the copyright to volumes and individual issues of the Collegian from that date onward.Apparently, the element is still okay-- expoxyed in as it was originally but this particular 57 sounds really AMAZING as is now!Everything is hunky dory there and the Switchraft XLR connector is still in good shape too, looks like it has next to no corrosion. However, if there are too many 57s involved, signs of jealousy will appear. -J Intrigued by your comparison I borrowed a Stradivarius (well, that's what I told the cops) and placed it about 12 inches in front of my guitar cab, level with the middle of the speaker cone and angled 30 off centre.

The SGA Board of Student Publications became the publisher in 1929.

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QUANTEL Pablo HD/2K/4K VERSION v5.1 REV3 SOFTWARE Stereoscopic 3D Option Neo Panel - See Pablo HD/2K/4K VERSION v5.1 REV3 SOFTWARE Stereoscopic 3D Option Neo Panel - See more at: J7J5Arri, Desisti, Kino flo, Mini flo, Arrisun, Filmgear Various HMI's, tungsten, Fresnel, Kino flo, C stands, Double wind up, Combo etc See full list of used lighting equipment for sale. HARRIS AVID MAGINE and other IMAGINE COMMUNICATION - HD 3G Harris PLATINIUM ROUTING 160 IN - 120 OUT - 4 MULTIVIEWER MODULES CENTRIO DVI and SDI OUTPUT - See more at: ME80 Senheiser ME80 gun mic Ryecote windshield and softie Rycote Softie for camera mic 2 x Sony WCS-999 wireless lapel mic systems 2 x Azden WM-Pro wireless lapel mic systems Sony ECM 50 lapel mic Sony ECM 44 lapel mic 2 x audio-technica lapel mics 4 x boundary mics £40 Panasonic BT-S 1050y field monitor in flight case 3 way LCD monitor array with custom mount Lastolight chromakey screen ('spring out' type) 2 x Lastolight reflectors Edirol V4 Vision mixer Canon Canon XF305 1x Canon XF305 (220H on the clock) 1x Lens Hood 1x EVF rubber Eye cup 1x Canon Large Battery 1x Swit Large Battery 1x charger and charger cable 1x mains adapter cable 1x tv adapter cable 1x shoulder strap 4x 16gb CF cards 2x 64gb CF cards 1x lens cap 1x EVF cap All Manuals XF Utilities disk Sony HDW-750P CAMCORDER SONY HDW 750 - HDCAM camcorder - drum hours 242 - tape hours 98 with: - colour viewfinder HD HDVFC30W - down conversion card (video output SDI-HDSDI - memory cache card - flight case Sony EX3 kit EX3 kit,cosmetically used condition, 1462 hours 1 x 32gb SXS card 1 x 16gb 2 x 8gb BPU 30 original battery and charger IR remote Camrade rain cover and a custom made shoulder mount that has an Anton Bauer gold mount plate and soft foam padding for comfort when shooting handheld.

The lens is clean and spotless, it has had a UV filter on since it was bought.

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