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Liverpool is noted for its culture, architecture, and transport links.It is closely associated with the arts, particularly music, and the popularity of the Beatles (who are regarded as the most influential band in history) contributed to the city's status as a tourist destination.The population continued to rise rapidly, especially during the 1840s when Irish migrants began arriving by the hundreds of thousands as a result of the Great Famine.In her poem "Liverpool" (1832), which celebrates the city's worldwide commerce, Letitia Elizabeth Landon refers specifically to the Macgregor Laird expedition to the Niger River, at that time in progress.Its growth as a major port was paralleled by the expansion of the city throughout the Industrial Revolution.Along with handling general cargo, freight, and raw materials such as coal and cotton, the city merchants were involved in the Atlantic slave trade.The local authority is Liverpool City Council, the most populous local government district in the metropolitan county of Merseyside and the largest in the Liverpool City Region.Liverpool is on the eastern side of the Mersey Estuary, and historically lay within the ancient hundred of West Derby in the southwest of the county of Lancashire. In 1889, it became a county borough independent of Lancashire.

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The first commercial wet dock was built in Liverpool in 1715.

Substantial profits from the slave trade and tobacco helped the town to prosper and rapidly grow, although several prominent local men, including William Rathbone, William Roscoe and Edward Rushton, were at the forefront of the local abolitionist movement.

Liverpool's status as a port city has attracted a diverse population, which was historically drawn from a wide range of cultures and religions, particularly from Ireland and Wales.

The city is also home to the oldest black community in the UK and the oldest Chinese community in Europe.

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