Dating man not answering emotional questions

Are they saying that their jealousy is just a flaw of theirs that you’ll have to learn to love, that they only get jealous because they love you, that their rage is your fault for not being sensitive to that, in hopes that you’ll stop hanging out with your ex?

And then tally up how many times you tell them how you might benefit them.

But my mother did get me in a place where I couldn’t easily escape – her car – and, sweetly but sternly, expressed that she had something to say and that I wasn’t going to like it. But you can choose who you’re with.”I was in a relationship with a man who was always unhappy with me.

He loved the idea of me much more than he loved my actual self, and he implicitly held me to a standard that I could never attain because it wasn’t reality.

Will my partner, even if they get emotional, treat me with love and respect during this conversation?

Is there a high likelihood that I’ll feel better once the conversation is over?

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