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Heading off the list is Live Lingua, the Internet’s largest collection of free public domain language learning materials, according to the site itself. There are thousands of free e-books, audio recordings and foreign language video materials available in over 130 different languages.It’s also one of the most user-friendly websites hosting the US Foreign Service Institute’s public domain language courses, which were developed by the US Department of State for expert language learning and are now freely available on various sites across the Web.You could Google your heart out until the endless trial-and-error wears you out, or you could start by checking out these 49 free language learning websites, some of the best freebies from around the Web.Whether you prefer flashcards or face-to-face interaction, whether you’re learning Amharic or Zulu, for novices and near-natives and everything in between, here’s how you can start fine-tuning your language skills without spending a cent.Open Culture is an e-learning website that hosts “the best free cultural and educational media on the web,” and when it comes to languages, they’re not bluffing.Open Culture maintains a list of free courses in 48 languages across the Web, from Amharic to Yiddish.The first is the sheer range of available content: movies, news, documentaries, cartoons, music videos, funny You Tube videos or whatever else you like to watch, it’s there. Instead of contriving some slowly-spoken and articulately-pronounced (and usually terribly boring) videos for learners, Fluent U directs you to authentic video content appropriate to your level with built-in learning tools that ensure you can keep up. Hover your mouse over the subtitles to instantly view definitions.

Just select “Spanish” for the language you speak, and get started with a composite mental exercise to strengthen one language while building another.After quickly registering for an account, you’ll be launched straight into interactive lessons with maps, images, sound, cultural notes and more.The science shows that switching on the TV is great for language learning.Welcome to 2016, where your problem isn’t finding free language learning websites and resources, but sorting through the masses of them buried in different corners of the Internet.Whether you’re looking for pronunciation help, Skype exchanges, grammar games or other online tools for learning the language you love, it’s out there, and you don’t always need to pay for it.

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