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There is also a Drop Box located outside our entrance available for your checks or money orders that is checked once a day at am, except on due dates, when it is emptied at pm. Please come into the Customer Service Center located in City Hall with your ID to fill out an application between the hours of and Monday –Friday.

Applications can be taken over the phone at 770-917-8903 if the customer authorizes a credit check for a small fee and receives a passing score, which will allow the deposit to be billed. To establish new sanitation service, there is a Deposit for each container, which holds 95 gallons.

If a customer has both power and sanitation with the City, the total minimum deposit will be 0.00. Payment arrangements can be made in writing at the Customer Service center if the customer agrees to become current within 30 days. All residents are required to pay a monthly sanitation fee. There is a charge per item, which will appear on your next bill.

Arrangements can be made over the phone if the customer agrees to become current within 5 business days. Appliances containing refrigerant must have it withdrawn and properly tagged by a certified technician before collection.

It consists of a manager, a billing clerk, five customer service reps and a tax administrator.

Forms of payment accepted are cash, check and credit cards, and online bill pay is available for a minimal fee.

If you need to check to see if your taxes have been paid, please contact our Office at 770-917-8903 or visit our website.Residential collection of household garbage and yard waste is one day a week, with commercial customers having an option of a 2nd weekly pickup at different rates.If you’re not sure of your street’s schedule for garbage and yard waste, please call the customer service office.Large items pickups are also available at an additional charge and are performed on Thursdays.However, these must be scheduled ahead of time by calling the customer service office prior to the preceding Wednesday. Commercial Deposits are 2 times the average monthly bill at that address with a minimum of 0.

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