Dating fatigue

So think about how interested or distant you might be coming off, and ask yourself if you’re really interested in your date or not.

If you’re not interested, you’re likely to lose all your typical polite etiquette that you learned growing up — you don’t ask questions, your disinterest is obvious, and you’re quick to cut off the date early.

In an era in which most guys meet each other on apps like Grindr and Scruff, it can feel like there’s nowhere to turn for a genuine romantic connection (or anything other than an “NSA hookup”).

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Especially after you have hit it off with someone and have been on a few good dates, invite him along for one of your favorite activities.But here’s the tough-love news flash: when you’re experiencing dating fatigue, your boredom is not always your date’s fault.They might have climbed Mount Everest or found the cure to cancer, and you still would’ve been uninterested and unfazed. After all, the point of dating is not to run around, frantically searching for a perfect match while your biological clock is loudly ticking in your ear.He doesn’t have to like it as much as you do, but his willingness (or unwillingness) to come along and be a good sport says a lot about the type of partner he could be.Even when you’re not on a date, engaging in your favorite activities can be good for your love life, because it affords you the opportunity to meet new people.

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